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Life at Whitgift Summer School

The 3 weeks' time staying in Whitgift is my first independent oversea study tour. I had lots of happy memories about it. Please allow me to share those precious moments with you.

1. Flying to London all alone.

After the service staff handed me my boarding pass, my journey to explore London has yet begun. It was my first time going abroad by myself. The feeling of happiness, unease and sadness mixed together. I spent nearly 9 hours on plane, and was up to my neck with uneasy and tension. Finally, with the soft voice of flight attendant, I arrived at London. 

2. Met my roommate.

When I arrived at Whitgift, it was quite late. So unfortunately, I missed teatime and the chance to get to know new friends. When it was time to go to our rooms, I didn’t know my Room Number. After the staff brought me to my room, I found out that she (my roomate) is a pretty Russian girl. I was worried at first. But after I met her, I realized I was thinking too much. We introduced ourselves and soon became good friends.

3.The English lessons & activities.

After the meeting and breakfast, I headed to the lower school alone. The school was too big and I almost got lost and trapped. I ran to my classroom and seated myself nervously. To my surprise, everything went on smoothly and well. During break time, I asked the teacher to help me with my domestic Math homework. 

He didn't figure it out, but it was really nice to communicate and change ideas together. We also had many kinds of English activities in class. In a poster presentation, our group members worked together and got the first prize. I was in charge of the grand design and the actual writing in funny font. We all took the credit for our work individually, and contributions were made by each member as a team.

4. Place of interest.

I have been to many famous and historical places in London after class, such as the Buckingham Palace, the Windsor Castle and so on. I am deeply in love with London's blue sky, old catles and strong ambience of literature.

What impressed me the most is Cambridge. Cambridge is the second oldest university in England and the fourth oldest in the world. It is famous for King's College, River Cam and especially in China a poem by a chinese poet "Say Good-bye to Cambridge Again". While I was sitting in the boat enjoying the scenery, a little thought sprouted in my heart - I want to come to Cambridge again and next time I will be here as a student of Cambridge!

5. Playing Chinese poker.

After a week, everything seemed familiar to me. In leisure time, Olivia and I started playing poker with a Turkey boy who joined us later, and we taught him how to play the traditional Chinese poker "Fight the Landlord". To be honest, the foreigners learned really fast and played well. I was defeated! What a shame! But we became very close friends in the end.

6. See you again!

Three weeks just flied without any sound and it was the end of my journey. All of us felt really sad and didn't want to leave. Thanks to all the staffs, teachers, activity leaders and house parents. I improved both my English and social skills.  I realized the importance of group work and time management. I became more independent and brave. I love this place and I am looking forward to visiting here again!

Staff & house parent

Friends & Classmates

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