【三一學員分享】郭同學: Los Angeles— The Alter Ego of Heaven


郭同學 ,17歲




I'm Scott Guo, an active boy who study at Hengshui, Hebei province. I'm at Grade11, which I will have a test called NMET next year. It's so important that we have to prepare for it for almost a year. We have to take many tests and do many exercises. So I'm under great pressure. That's why I wanted to go for a trip in this summer vacation to relax myself.

I can well remember I walking in my school with my head down because of the bad grades I got in a test. The wind softly touched my face, the sunlight, the songs of the birds and the flower, it was the beautiful scene reminded me of the song Hello, I sang the lyrics "I'm in California dreaming about who we used to be, when we were younger and free..." And I got a dream, I wanted to go to Los Angeles because the charming city in LALA Land left me a deep impression and the most important thing was that Los Angeles is in California. I wanted to live with California's sunshine and let it heal my wound which time cannot heal.



On July 22th, I reached Los Angeles. And I would never forget that day. I could still remember I waiting for a teacher to pick me up at terminal 4, but for a long time, nobody came up. I was very nervous. Luckily, I calmed down in time. I called my teacher and asked passengers for help. Finally, my teacher found me. Her name was Keanna who is a lovely girl from England. She waited for me at the second floor but I was at the first floor, that's why we didn't meet on time. What a pity!

Then we went to the accommodation by car. As the saying goes, "Do what Romans Do in Roma." Therefore, I asked her something about how to behave well and some rules. Besides, I was shocked by the beautiful scenes in Los Angeles and I was so interested in them that I couldn't help myself looking through the window and taking photos. How beautiful LA is! 

After getting the accommodation in UCLA, I got my keycard, school uniform and a laundry bag. Then I went to my room to clean up my personal belongings. Because I was not hungry, I didn't go for dinner. And we played some games. The most impressive game was called Wizard, Giant or Ghost. I really liked that game. I used to believe it was difficult to play outdoor games with foreigners, but I was wrong. We played happily, and I made many friends. The day ended with our laughter and the beautiful moonlight. I liked it.


Life in UCLA

I really like UCLA. It was so big that I even felt I was not in a university but a small town. In China, almost all the public schools are very small. So I was really shocked by UCLA, which hasmany playgrounds and buildings. We classes in the morning and then went for lunch. After, we would do some activities, You could swim in the university's swimming pool which is close to the accommodation. And you can go to the gym or playgrounds to do some sports. What's more, you could go to UCLA Store to buy something like snacks, cola and so on.

You could even buy clothes like Champion and electronic products like iPhone, iPad and Macbook. Sounds awesome, right? 

My favorite thing was lying on the glassground in front of the school. I lay in sunshine, reading my favorite book. You could smelt the clean air, felt the soft wind and be the entire around school with was deep pervaded style. It made me feel good.

In the evening, we will have a converstion with each other, it can help improve our English speaking and our friendship honestly, making friends with international friernds was really good. 

Our group was called Panters. One day, we made a robot model together, and they help me control my fearness. I was afraid of singing in public, but in the talent show, they encouraged me to sing a song. I did. To my surprise, I sang well and they cheered for me. I just remembered my tears, my pride, their smile and the moonlight. What a nice group!


Los Angeles

In my opinion, you should go to Los Angeles in person. It's so beautiful that I cannot describe it clearly. 

In Los Angeles, we visited Disneyland, Santa Monic, Universal Studio, Knott's Berry Farm, California Adventure, California Science Center Six Flags and many museums.

What's more, we went to DOOGER STADLVM to see a baseball match between Milwaukee Brewexs and Los Angeles Dodger. The most unforgettable experience was the day in Knott's Berry Farm. It's not a farm but a very big entertainment park. But there were some horses and cowboys. It made me feel like I'm in a western town.

Besides, my friends and I played almost all the enter tainment projects. We took many roller coasters. What's more, we played Super Screaming, which went very high and free fall, however, you could see the whole park and beautiful scenes in Los Angeles, you could see the blue sky and say something in the sky. And then, you fell. What a crazy instrument it was!

In my eyes, Los Angeles is like heaven. You could take a photo with your favorite cartnoon character, and play something awesome project in Disneyland. You could be one of Harry Potter's friends, protect USA with Trans Formers, battle your way through nightmarish hordes of hungry walkers from AMC'S hit TV series The WALKING DEAD, become an actual Minion and many unbelievable things in Universal studio.

The greatest thing was, when you were in Santa Monic, you could see shafts of bright sunlight, feel the sea wind and just lie on the beach, it will make you feel free and great.  Besides, when all the sky are red because of the sundown, you will feel you are in heaven. Everything was good.



"Like as the waves make towards the pebbled shores, so do our minutes hasten to their end."   

In fact, I didn't want to leave. The night before I left, we had a party. Everyone felt sad but they just danced. I was too sad to dance, so I just sat on the floor, I was sad. When party was over, everyone hugs each other, crying sadly. Life is precious. Life is good. In the morning, I leave the city of stars quietly just like I came to the city secretly, didn't want to interrupt the angel. Thanks for the two weeks. 


Parting is such Sweet sorrow, nice to meet you and hope see you again.

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