【三一學員分享】唐同學:Life in Headington




Three weeks in Headington flies fast like a one-way flight. I got so many friends whilst I lost so much at the last disco.

All of the students are separated into five different houses. I lived in Hillstow. I am not glad to live in my house at first, but I soon started to love it because everyone was making this house better and better. I am proud of Hillstow. It is also my great honor to live there. Moreover, we won the house cup and had a pizza night for award!

My lovely roommate

Honestly, the first week did not past as smoothly as I hoped. My roommate annoyed me sometimes; the only bathroom is too tiny to shower; there were even rules for showering like "showers no more than 15 minutes"; seven hours of the time difference made me miss my home in the evening...

However, there are a lot of significant activities everyday that they took up almost all my time. "Catch the flag" on the first evening was exciting! A few girls from our house shouted out our own slogan confidently: "two! four! six! eight! Who do we appreciate! Hillstow! Hillstow!"

"Lip Sync Battle" on the second week sparked my movement cells. There was actually nowhere on my body which was not full of excitement. We cheered for the singers and their perfect performances.

Although these amazing activities were worth to be expected, I showed an interest in the daily English lessons. I really enjoyed the time with Ms. Cheryl and dear classmates. 

I love this photo:D 

Miss them:(

One hour and a half for me is a lot of time for learning but not a lot for having fun. Once a naughty boy told a joke that he was going to leave. Cheryl found a video on YouTube and showed it to everyone when all the other classmates looked so sad about his leaving. When we were curious about the video, she clicked on the start icon. She started to sing ‘hallelujah’ and show us how happy she was as much as possible.

My filming team! 


We learnt about professional knowledge of filming in the second week. Cheryl said that we would have an exam on Friday. But Friday is the Excursion Day. She then put the exam day on Saturday while we had to edit our films and prepare for Time to Shine which is on Sunday. Accidentally, most of the classmates were leaving on Monday of the third week. Thus, Sunday was their last day staying in the classroom. All the students were leaving messages on others' notebook and taking selfies together instead of preparing the test. At last, we still have not taken this exam yet.

Who was stealing the scene???


Somebody is trying to steal the scene!

Cuuuuuutest classmates!

Disco at Sunday nights were really fantastic. I can smell different kinds of perfume and shampoo. We had a Silent Disco in the first week and a Glow Disco on the last day. The discos always ended with "See you Again". The whole disco hall was filled with tears and kisses. I did not cry that night, and that became the most regrettable thing of the summer camp.

She said that these two are the best ones:P

They are my best friends there… 

Miss them so much:(

But there is a saying, "Out with the old, in with the new." I also had so much fun with the new people. I made a super great friend and she comes from Denmark. She is easy-going and friendly. She is good at telling jokes and taking photos. She was especially good at using front-facing camera of my phone to take her own selfies.

I found out her talent for photography by accident. When I was playing volleyball with others, I asked her to look after my phone. After that, I found some funny faces in my album. She was so proud of those that she said, "If you send these pictures to the photo contest, I am sure that you would get a huge reward!"

In the last morning of the summer camp, she held me tight and said, "you are my only friends…And now you are all going to leave. I am going to have no friends here." This really makes me cry.

See you again… Wish to sit on the dry grass with all of you again…

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